Reacties uit Canada op Jaarboek 35

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Hi Piet,

Happy to report that we received your box with six copies of your book yesterday.  It is very professionally done.  A massive undertaking.  Congratulations.  The names, dates, locations etc are all easy to understand and the pictures of high quality.  Your book brings new life to the family histories of the Dutch emigrants from the Hoeven area.  It is exciting to see the Lauwerijssen family history in the context of the broader emigration that was occurring from 1867 through 1927.   I wish I would have asked more questions when Grandpa Corny and Grandma Adriana were alive.  They were part of a fascinating emigration story.  It will be even more interesting and informative once we have access to English version in pdf or e -reader format.

Thanks for sending.  I will give copies to Aunt Mary, Len, Glen and Debra Yedlin.


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